Monday, September 19, 2011


I was away on vacation and am only now getting through my mail. While I was away, I received the most wonderful gift - a copy of a book called "Re-Zoom" by Istvan Banyal. I must confess, I received this package and the book was ordered through Amazon. But I have no idea who ordered this book for me! So I do not know who to thank!!!! I recall someone mentioning this book to me, I swear I do recall - but it's fuzzy. My mind has been so absorbed by crisis of late (flooded basement, dog sick - hospital, pet bird died, basement flooded again on 2nd storm, job relocated to way downtown Manhattan, vacation altered due to all of above), that I have no clear memory of anything!

Anyway, I was not familiar with this work but was immediately captivated by the book. Re-Zoom is  the followup book to the original "Zoom." Both books are the same style -- a series of paintings/artworks where each image is a zoomed out version of the previous.

To better understand this, follow this link for a youtube of Zoom (the original).

The entire concept of this just blows my mind - the same way that my "Conversation" project with fellow artist Jill Polsby does. Speaking of the Conversation -- I have both books in my possession, and I need to do the next piece of the puzzle on each (so to speak). Jill - I have not forgotten them and they will be heading back to you soon - just need to sit down & focus on them for a bit! And also, a reprieve from crisis for a bit!


martinealison said...

Une lecture qui arrive à point... pour adoucir vos terribles derniers moments...
gros bisous

Kim said...

Just checked it out. Very cool! What a great surprise : )

AutumnLeaves said...

Eeh...hate hearing of crisis mode. I hope things are settling down a bit. Please accept my sympathies on the loss of your feathered baby. I know how attached birds can get to us and I am so sad for you and your family.

Lucky you to have such wonderful friends!


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