Friday, September 9, 2011

Miss Piggy & Kermit - SOLD

Original sold - prints available through
Fine Art America

The latest challenge over at DPW was to paint a pig, any pig. And what came to my mind? Miss Piggy, the diva. Couldn't resist painting this character along with the love of her life, Kermit.

There is something just so endearing about the muppets. Whenever I see one of them on television, or hear one of their voices, I stop & look. I am a bit too old to have grown up watching Sesame Street (which the Muppets have been on since 1969!), but I did grow up with countless puppets, and I've always had a fascination for them. Be it Lamb Chop with Sheri Lewis, or Paul Winchell's Jerry Mahoney & Knucklehead Smith. And not to be forgotten, Black Tooth, White Fang and Pookie on Soupy Sales.

I had 2 hand puppets as a child. I remember them - a dog and a cat. And I walked around with them, each on one hand, having full conversations with them. (I was an only child and we often invented our siblings - mine were always animals & puppets!) They accompanied me everywhere. These odd shaped little creatures, with heads filled with sawdust and fake fur fabric covering my hands to the wrist - these were my friends. The forefinger up in the head, the thumb & other fingers controlling the 2 arms. No moving parts, no remote control & wires. Just me and my imagination - and I loved every minute of it! I had other friends, human ones that lived on my block. But these 2 friends, the dog & cat, they were always with me - always! Even when I was sick with the Chicken Pox, these two little puppets kept me company & listened to my every spoken thought.

Not too long ago, I came across a fluffy (floppy too) dog puppet. It was at a local breakfast place - they had a group of assorted puppets on display. Each week when we would go there, I would see less & less puppets - as the others were being purchased. But Fluffy (as I called him) was still there, and I would talk to him each time. (yes, I know, I am a bit crazy). By the end of the summer season, as the business was preparing to shut down for the season, I became concerned that this poor dog had no owner. But, not to worry, my husband bought Fluffy for my birthday present. One of my best birthday presents - and I talk to Fluffy now, all the time.

So puppets, and Muppets, and Miss Piggy -- oh my! They all seemed to fit into 1 neat little package for this weeks DPW challenge.


Barbara said...

I love the Muppets, especially Kermit. My family got me a stuffed Kermit music box several years ago. You've picked a great subject.

AutumnLeaves said...

Ah Nancie. I love reading your thoughts about the Muppets and puppets. You've painted Miss Piggy and Kermit beautifully. I think, however, that this is the only time I've ever seen Kermit looking just as besotted with Miss Piggy as she is with him!!! LOL Sesame Street started when I was young but not young enough to have watched it until I had my own kids. I think I was 10 or so when it came out (if it started in 1969). The only one of the others you mentioned that I remember is Sheri Lewis and Lambchop. I used to study Sheri to see if I could see her moving her lips (and I could a bit). LOLOL

Gorgeous painting of this happy couple!

Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

So very clever of you! Very creative.

Cheri Wollenberg said...

I like your choice of pigs! Your painting is so cute because of Miss Piggy, but it is also very well done. Love it!

Linda Young said...

So cute, Nancie. you did a great impression of these two famous characters.


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