Thursday, June 23, 2011

Patterson Terrace

The Virtual Paintout blog is visiting New Zealand this month, and this is my submission. The original link in the google maps can be found here.

The google views for New Zealand are not as sharp and clear as some of the other locations we've visited, but still there is quite a bit to look at. The sky with all those clouds is what caught my attention - that and the home, the two different shapes of trees and the fence.

If you go to the web site you will see a different rendition, which I'll post here.

You can see my contrast is very minimal in this first rendition. I wanted some feedback, so posted this on  the DPW critique and received valuable direction. Some of the items outlined to me, and the changes I ultimately made to the painting are: Blue in the sky should be darker at top than below, shadows on the clouds should get darker at the top, the fence needed to be faded out towards the back since it was leading the viewers eye right out of the painting, the trees towards the back need to be lighter (not darker), and the foreground shadows need to be darker. Also the edges needed to be varied - not all hard edges, blend some out so they weren't all distinct.

Now much of this I knew, but I tend to lose track of these things when I am painting (some times). Also I sometimes worry about "ruining it" when I'm painting, with too much dark or too much contrast. (Funny, because most of my critique feedback is always to add contrast!) The DPW critique was a perfect opportunity for me to have another set of eyes viewing this. And the feedback was very helpful, and I'm much happier with the re-do (top or first image). What do you think?

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


Virginia Floyd said...

After you described your changes, I can see the improvements they added to the painting, especially to the fence and the tree. The upper painting has more interest than the upper one. I'm glad you posted both versions. Nice!

Barbara said...

Interesting how the minor changes made it a much more interesting painting. It's kind of a moody piece.

Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Wow! you took an ordinary scene and really made it dramatic and interesting, especially with your use of light and shadows. Love the sky too. Nice work all.

AutumnLeaves said...

I think this is just so lovely, Nancie! (By the way, I did comment yesterday on this but have no clue where it went!) I love this style of painting and you have such a nice hand at it. Lovely perspective and steady hand. Beautiful work!

Nan Johnson said...

Thanks all. I was pretty amazed at the different the changes made too. I am always worried about adding too much dark in a painting - and yet, most of my feedback is to add darks & contrast! Seems I fret about going too far & ruining it, when in fact I don't go far enough & I leave it looking a bit bland. Something for me to remember (& learn from)!


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