Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Leaves in Black & White

A value study done in black & white for last weeks DPW challenge. These are the leaves of a Bleeding Heart plant I have in the yard, and I was struck one morning by the lights & darks on the leaves & background. It was as if the sunlight was dancing on the light & delicate leaves of this plant. I have taken photos of the leaves of this plant, as well as it's flowers when it is in bloom, many times - it is one of my favorites.

I have 3 bleeding heart plants in my little garden. Two are the traditional pink & white flower type while one is an all white version. The all white version is much smaller and not quite as broad in growth. It's leaves are smaller & more compact. Every year they come up in the spring. They grow at a rather fast rate and before I know it, these little delicate flowers come out. Bleeding hearts do not tolerate high temperatures very well, and often by July they have died back & are gone. (although you can keep the lovely green foliage alive by frequent waterings when it's hot.) They also prefer some shade and only light sun, or again, they will die back quickly.

These plants are very easy to grow in my area - however, further north I have had trouble with getting them to return in the spring. Maybe the grown freezes too hard for them there, but here in what they call "Zone 6" they grow & return every year.

The value study painting was interesting - I have done similar work in the past. I actually bought a tube of Ivory Black for this painting as I usually make a black for my usual work. But in keeping with the challenge, I went with the actual black & white paints. I do see some others on the challenge have worked with a blue & white, brown & white value study. I think I will also use this subject for this weeks DPW challenge, which is painting what is outside your window. Only I will paint that one in color!

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet


The Desert Girl said...

Very striking painting, Nan. It sure captures the eye! (I can't believe you just bought black! I buy black in bulk!)

AutumnLeaves said...

I hope I'm still on your followers list, Nancie. I was missing in action for a few days as our modem died and we had to wait for a new one from AT&T. It just came today. Love the black and white leaves; very well done!!

I am assuming from what I read of your earlier post that you may have some troubles reading my blog? I hope not. I do know that I don't use white type so that part should be ok.

Nan Johnson said...

Thank you to you both, I appreciate your kind words. Doing black & white only is a bit tough, for me anyway - kept wanting to add just a touch of color here or there.

Sherry, your blog is fine, I can read yours because the type is on a block of color (which is on top of your background image). The problem is really only with white or yellow type that sits on top of a background image.

Paula - your commercial site does have the problem. That brown that your white type is against, is part of the background image. On the iPhone, that image stops short, so when I scroll down & hit the bottom of the image, the white type is lost. I will send you a separate comment to let you know.


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