Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blog design important info

6/29 update: -- Since I wrote this, I have done a bit of research. There is a setting that can be checked on under "Settings / Mobile/Email devices" for  By default, I believe it is off, check it on & save. Then people viewing your blog will get a much friendlier version on their mobile devices (no background art, and thumbnails of your entries that can be clicked on for further info/reading. Even with this setting, if a viewer does want the full web version, they can still tap on the option while they are viewing the blog - then it will load the full web version! (Still, not a bad idea to streamline your blog design - speeds up loading & viewing on slower machines & connections.)

Original post:
I thought I would pass along some things about blog design that I have learned. As some of you may know, I use an iPhone to read and view various blogs. I haven't broke the bank to get an iPad - yet! - but the way it views online is very similar to the iPhone.

The blog designs that have a full background photo - that image scrolls down while on a computer. So your blog posts appear to scroll down on top of the image. The behavior is totally different with the iPhone. The image is a set size. The background image AND the posts do NOT scroll together when a user scrolls down to read. Not pretty but will still function. But if you use white type over a dark image - the white type is lost once the bottom of the background image is reached. Some of you have a design like this, with either white or yellow type and I am not able to read your full post or blog. This is especially important if you are using a blog to sell your work. Also, blogs with background photos take much longer to load.

This is one of the reasons why I changed my blog design some time ago. I'm sure there is an app or two for the iPhone/iPad That will display the images with the same display behavior as a computer but you can't count on all potential customers having them.

This post was typed on the iPhone which is not the easiest place to type (at least for me - LOL!). But I wanted to pass this along as I just went to a blog that is selling paintings but I can't see any info on any of the works except the first one.


Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the white type. Changed mine to light blue. Hope that works for all.

The Desert Girl said...

Thanks for your tip, Nancie. When I read this post about having white letters, I never even thought about my own blog! (I have so many that I forgot about checking them for white text!) I've changed my background and now the text is black. Thanks for taking the time to point that out to me!


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