Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Couple of Blondes

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet -- ORIGINAL SOLD!
Prints available through Fine Art America

This was done for the recent DPW challenge. The photo reference was of just the woman, sitting & texting away. Linda Popple is hosting this week and she posted the photo she had taken on a recent trip to NYC.

I see people every day in NYC - it's a wonderful place to people watch. There is never an end to the visual in NY, so the sight of someone texting or on a cell phone is very commonplace.

Many New Yorkers also own dogs and I see many of them daily, walking their dogs. Large or small, dogs are also very commonplace in NYC.

Now when I saw this girl sitting alone & texting, I thought she needed some company. And rather than add more people to the photo, I thought I would give her a canine companion. Friends of mine who lived in NYC some time ago had 2 large Afghan hounds in their apartment. Such wonderful, docile dogs they were. And their long coats of fur always blew in the wind.

Blowing in the wind. The girls hair in the photo was blowing in the wind, so I thought to add a dog who's fur would also blow in the wind. And so the blonde Afghan became her companion.


Young said...

Great! Love the addition of the dog.

Karla said...

Very nice Nancie!

Viviane said...

I like your interpretation : the dog seems as interested as his mistress! The idea of adding this Afghan is great . The blue light just slightly darker tones and clear.

AutumnLeaves said...

What a nice piece this is! I love that you have added the dog, Nancie! And both of these beauties have some gorgeous hair!!

Nancy Goldman said...

They say that people and their dogs start to look alike after awhile. This dog was a good match for the girl. I like the composition you did by adding the dog.

Margaret said...

I LOVE this and will have to come back soon and see everything you have been up to. Zoe the dog is wonderful too. Nice, nice work!


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