Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Sax Player - SOLD

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet -- ORIGINAL SOLD!
Prints available through Fine Art America

Another great image from Lee over at A Day Not Wasted. This time it is a full image of a NY sax player he photographed during a recent trip to NYC.  I chose to crop in and focus on the hands and the instrument, as that was one area of the image that caught my attention. The other area, which I'm hoping to do as a second painting of this, is the face.

Lee found this sax player in central park and captured a great photograph of the man & his instrument. Rumor does have it that he's played there for years, and he plays because he loves to. Wouldn't you just love to do something, anything, simply because you love to? Not because you needed to, or because you should, or could - but simply because you love to.

I have seen many a musical artist in NYC, either on the streets or in the subways. Some sing, others simply play an instrument. I have heard horns, and sax's, guitars and even a violin (that one had me late for work one day). And they stand, out in the open, or in the corridors, amongst the people, and they play - they often play their hearts out. Many of them are good - very good. Some, maybe not as good. But one thing they all have in common, they love to play.

Often you'll see the guitar case open, or a cup or upside down hat in front of the person. Oh, I know, some see it as a handout. A beggar, asking for money. But I see it as "if you enjoyed what I played, even 1/2 as much as I enjoyed playing it, please drop a few coins and let me know". Some of these muscians are without work, some may even be without homes. They are sharing what gift they have to give, and if the music makes you smile even just a bit, then drop a few coins and let them know.

None of them will get rich this way, but I don't think that is their goal. Because, they aren't there because they have to, or need to, or should, or could  -- but simply because they love to.

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


AutumnLeaves said...

Nancie, I like your philosophy. Well written post and a lovely crop of Lee's image.

Irina said...

I am completely with you about the handout. I usually give them money with open heart, thankful for the music I liked.
Your post reminded me that one late winter evening about 2 month ago I happened to hear music everywhere. Sax near the caffe where I met my friend, Violins in the subway, then guitar near the bus stop. And even in the calm empty park, the radio was playing Lambada)). It was very unusual for cold Moscow evening..
Your musician looks so true.

Linda Popple said...

Beautifully painted! I like the way you cropped the photo.

Horst said...

Your painting sings, nice color choices, very well done and your comments are right on.

Nancy Goldman said...

I love your composition and colors in this one Nancie.

jill polsby said...

Went to Lee Brown's site to see what wonderful work had been submitted and there was/were? your hands! How did you know I was going to crop to those gorgeous hands as well. Great thinkers think alike? Congrats on a great painting!!!


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