Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Persimmon and double-crochet - SOLD

My rendition for this months Paint and Draw Together challenge, the Persimmon. (Food of the Gods). When I saw the reference photo, and all that lovely crochet, I knew I had to paint this one.

I learned to crochet (and knit, and sew, assorted needlepoint & embroidery) when I was quite young. My mother was an avid needleworker and she took the time to teach not only me, but any children in the neighborhood that wanted to learn. I can remember in the warm summer months, after dinner was done & the dishes dried & put away, my mother going out to sit on the front steps. She would have her cigarettes (so very common back then with people), a cup of coffee, and some sort of project that she would be working on. And I remember Linda, a girl who lived next door at the apartment house for a short time, coming over with a ball of yarn. "Teach me" she would ask of my mother, and my mom did. I wonder if Linda still does knitting & crochet, wherever she may be these days.

My mother had countless books of patterns, for items such as baby sweaters, doilies, tablecloths & assorted household items. She would often crochet small borders of color on the edges of the pillowcases we had. She did crochet one large, white tablecloth - which I still have to this day. I also have most of the doilies she made, and yes, I put them out. They sit under assorted plants & items, and I change them with the seasons - much the same as she did.

I remember this about my mother and recall the memory from time to time, as she's been gone for more than 35 years now. A few years ago I had a major health scare. I went to the store & bought the crochet threads in assorted colors. And I started to crochet doilies. I made doily after doily, all different designs & colors -- all while I waited for the test results. The tests results finally returned and they were negative - I felt such relief. And I realized that having this skill and making these doilies, at that point in my life, was my way of having my mother with me. It made me smile.

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas

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AutumnLeaves said...

Nancie, I so loved your memories and hearing about your mom. My parents too both had the ever present cigarettes. My mother still does, alas. Nevertheless, I am so happy to hear that this lovely painting brought so many good memories.


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