Friday, January 14, 2011

The Sketchbook is finally done!

Just a sampling of the images in my sketchbook. I finally finished it up tonight & will mail it out in the morning. This project turned into more work than I thought, and it didn't help that I left most of the work to be done in the last week before the 1/15 deadline! Make mental note, if I do this project again next year, start earlier!!!

This image is of a few of the shops in my little town. You may recall that my sketchbook project is actually a little story I wrote about Suzi Cher, a little girl who puts on the magical sunglasses her mother gives her & sees her world in a whole new color! The title is "From Here to There with Suzi Cher, and her magical, funtastical sunglasses" and each spread has a piece of the story on the left hand page, while the drawing is on the right hand page.

I did wind up removing some of the pages from the sketchbook - 80 pages was too much for me to deal with. Both from a time factor but also the story would have become too long. I used a set of colored pens for this project that I bought on someone's recommendation. They worked great & I had little bleed-through on the pages (which are quite thin). The pens are Copic Multiliners & I am very happy with them.

I did upload the images onto the Sketchbook website and if you are interested, you can get to it here. If you do view them, be sure to read the comment on each page as it's where I typed in the story (it's actually in poem form).

All in all a fun project, but a bit stressful (my own fault). Here are a few more of the drawings.

The elementary school:

And a couple of houses in the neighboorhood:


AutumnLeaves said...

What a big project but it sure looks like it came out just as funtastical as those sunglasses of Suzi Cher's!

Nancy Goldman said...

What a wonderful project. Your sketches are so good Nancie.

Virginia Floyd said...

I read your book and it is darling! Love your sketches, and the story is whimsical and original. Great job!

Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Your sketch project turned out really nice with your story idea using a child's vision of your town. You are so creative, Nancy.


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