Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I love butterflies. They are so delicate looking, and have such beautiful colors. This painting is my submission for this months Paint & Draw Together challenge. The photograph is a beautiful image. Of course, I had to change the composition & crop in closer. But I like this photograph so much, I may paint it a second time and do it full size.

The Monarch Butterfly is probably the "king" of all butterflies. Their larger size makes them fairly easy to identify. Click here for a link to a website that gives more information about them - they really are quite amazing.

A memorable story I have about the Monarch goes back about 10 years ago to a summer we had on the lake in NY state. That year, my husband and I owned 2 jetski's that we often took out & rode on the lake. One day in late August/beginning September, after we had rode the length of the lake (29 miles) we stopped in the middle of the lake for a break. It was a gorgeous sunny day, quite warm. We turned the machines off & just enjoyed the warmth on us from the sun and talked idly about the ride we just took. Suddenly, a single Monarch butterfly flew between us. This caught our attention, not only for it's beauty but also because we were 6 miles from the closest shoreline. So this little powerhouse flier was traveling at least 6 miles - amazing.

As we talked further about the single butterfly, a second flew between us. Then a third, a fourth. And suddenly, we were engulfed by perhaps 50 of these gorgeous winged creatures. All flying across the lake in a large group.  It was sheer delight to see this large group, on their migration south no doubt, as they travelled across the lake. We considered ourselves very fortunate to have been able to see such a sight.

Now when I see even a single Monarch butterfly, I remember back to that large group and I marvel at the ability & strength these winged creatures have. And I am so impressed with their stamina, as well as in awe of their beauty.

"Monarch" is acrylic on 9x12 canvas


martinealison said...

Ce papillon nous annoncerait le printemps je n'en serais pas étonnée et l'ensemble de ces belles couleurs égaie ma journée qui débute. bisous

AutumnLeaves said...

Your background on this piece really catches my eyes, Nancie. There is a uniformity and a light to it that just is a perfect backdrop for this lovely butterfly.

Nancy Goldman said...

Beautifully done Nancie. I love how you cropped the photo. It adds a sense of drama.

Jasmine said...

Hi Nancie, I was drawn to visit your blog by looking at the absolutely stunning butterfly painting you posted on "Paint And Draw Together" blog.

And I am glad I came here. All your art work is really very beautiful and speaks to your talent, hard work, and knowledge.

One can view and admire your paintings over and over again always finding something new ..they have, what people call, "timeless beauty".



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