Friday, December 17, 2010

The Sketchbook continues.......

Just a sample of the images I found in my Google map search of my town, and you can see the colors that sparked the story of Suzi Cher and her Magical, Funtastical sunglasses. This is just a screen grab of the image, not my rendition. I haven't found a way to photograph the sketchbook yet, so that it looks decent.

For those who did not read my previous post, this is the story of little Suzi Cher and her magical sunglasses -- a story I am creating in my Sketchbook, for the Sketchbook project (see link on the right). It's a combination of colorful images and a poetic tale of little Suzi Cher, and what she sees as she wanders about her hometown with her magic sunglasses on.

Here's just a bit of the story.........

Suzi Cher
had not a care
one bright sun-shiny day.
Suzi Cher
ran down the stairs
and out the door to play.

It's bright outside
her mother cried
come put these glasses on.
They'll shade your eyes
with a surprise
their magic will be fun.

Suzi Cher
grabbed the pair
and gave her mom a hug.
Threw back her hair
with lots of flair
and out the door she run.

Suzi Cher
stopped to stare
it all looked magical.
From here to there
and everywhere
was so funtastical!

Left to Right
all so bright
so many colors to see.
These shades delight
and fill the light
with reds & blues & greens.

That house there
the walk & stair
and old McMike's garage.
An outdoor chair
and house of prayer
look like a big collage.

And so, the sketchbook continues..............................

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