Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rita at the Craft Show in the Park - SOLD

The Artists Helping Artists web blog is doing a monthly challenge. The idea is to create what represents "September" to you - each months challenge will be that month's name. A great idea - I love a challenge that gives you a concept & allows you to express.

My image for this came from an Arts & Crafts show that I recently attended. I love these types of shows - if not to purchase, but to be inspired. It's a gathering of artists and craftsmen (craftswomen) who display their work - and the chatter and ideas that bounce around are addictive! Shows occur during the summertime, but I find the fall shows the most enjoyable. The days are not usually that hot and a nice breeze blew through the trees giving a wonderful sound. This particular show was held on the grounds of a historic house which offered tours as well. It proved to be an interesting afternoon, and before I left, I snapped a few photos.

When I got home I loaded them onto my computer and I was struck by this one photo that showed 2 women sitting on a bench and the light played upon them. The one woman, dressed in white and with white hair, reminded me of my mother-in-law Rita. (it wasn't her, but was similar enough to make me think of her). Hence the title of this includes Rita, as she was my main inspiration for painting this one.

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


Barbara said...

This is a good subject for a painting, and yours is very well done.

AutumnLeaves said...

Yeesh. Thought I was looking at a photograph until I read through your words and went back for a second look! I love Rita's hair!

Margaret Bednar said...

Fantastic. I think these monthly challenges really "stretch" us and make us go outside our comfort zone and make us really think... I LOVE your Day Not Wasted painting of the yellow car... You are very creative.

Sally Evans said...

Wow, that lighting is spectacular! I love art/craft fairs too, I went to 'Art in Action' over here a few months ago and it was truly amazing! There was printing, painting, glass blowing, you name it!


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