Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glass with ice & fruit

One last post for the month of September. This is my interpretation of a still life setup posted by my art friend Susan. She posted a photo on her Facebook page with a challenge to paint it. Quite a few of her friends did, myself included, although I must say I was way later than the rest.

As I usually do with still lifes, I did a more abstract form with shapes & shades. Although I did concentrate a bit more on details within the glass, with the ice & fruit. This was a fun, colorful painting to do & I enjoyed it quite a bit.

By the way, I usually paint on canvas sheets that can be purchased 10 to a pack - and my favorite size is 9x12 (although it does come in other sizes). My favorite manufacturer is Fredrix for this, but I ran out & could not find more at any of the stores. I usually order these things online, and well before I run out, but this time I lost track. So I picked up a different brand, called Carson's at the craft store (Michaels or AC Moore, unfortunately I can't remember which one). It's a much smoother surface, not as much texture as the Fredrix, and it is also "white" as opposed to the more ivory color of the Fredrix. And also much sturdier than Fredrix - it will not fold over on itself if leaned up against a surface. This painting is done on it and I will do 9 more (since there is 10 in the pad). I can't say I like or dislike them, just that they are different. But I will say, I recently reordered 4 pads of the Fredrix from Dick Blick supplies - I guess I would have to say that the Fredrix is still my prefered.

Acrylic on canvas, 9x12


Virginia Floyd said...

I love how you paint in blocks of color! And then it all comes together to make an object. I haven't seen anyone else who is doing this.

Thanks for the tip on using the canvas sheets. I will have to try that, as I need a lot of practice at this point!

Nancie Johnson said...

Thanks for your comments Virginia. Blocks of color has recently become my usual style - something I sort of picked up back in school.

I think you'll like the canvas sheets. They take up a lot less room than regular canvas's, yet they have the same texture & feel. Great for practice & studies. If any are good enough to frame, just handle them the same as watercolors (but no glass with acrylics) by adding a matt & frame. Pretty versatile - although I've been told that most competitions & jury's do not like them & prefer stretched canvases or boards.

Virginia Floyd said...

Well, I'm far from entering into a juried show!

The Desert Girl said...

Your colors and details are wonderful. I am a little distracted by the blue background as it is on the same level as the globe of the glass. But whatever was in that glass must have been good! Can I have one?


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