Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Award

I just received my first blog award! Thank you Angela for such a nice gesture, and for making me smile! I appreciate that.

Ok, I couldn't find the "rules" for how this works, but I kind of got the gist from viewing others blogs. It looks like I need to award this to 10 blogs I find interesting/beautiful. And then I have to list 10 things about myself. (I think I am also suppose to add this to the side of my blog where it will remain - I'll look into that one next)

The 10 Beautiful Blogger list (some of the blogs I visit regularly & find interesting). If I offended anyone by putting them on my list, or for anyone I left off (I could only list 10) - I do apologize.

I have many other blogs I visit and so many wonderful artists. It's inspiring to roam through their art works - similar to wandering through a museum. I've put links on the names - if you aren't familiar with any of these, click on them and go visit. It'll be worth your time.

Now the 10 things about myself:
1) I am an only child whose parents died when I was in my late teens/early 20's.
2) I am married to a wonderful man for 7 years now
3) I have no children, but a most spoiled long-haired daschund named Squirt (my best buddy)
4) I live in the town I grew up in (in some ways, it's quite difficult to get old where you were once young)
5) I love art - any shape or form
6) I am an avid ancestry/geneologist and have been tracing my family trees for years (decades?). My oldest ancestor traced is my 26th Great-grandfather, Thomas LeSavage who was born in the year 1000 in Normandy France.
7) I work in New York City - it's a love/hate relationship
8) I work in the graphic arts industry and I am very good at my job. (I would much rather paint full time, but need to pay the bills -- and eat!)
9) My paternal grandmother lived to be 100 years old - I plan to follow in her footsteps (only with a paint brush in my hand)


martinealison said...


Paula; The Parent Trapped said...

Thank you Nancie for adding my blog to your list! I am new to the online artist community but I am finding so much enjoyment and fulfillment that I didn't even know I was missing! I truly enjoy your style of painting. You paint with such a soothing and graceful ease that makes me happy, and envious!

I can't believe you know your geneology so far back! That's amazing! Not from my own research but inherited from hard working family members, I know my geneology on both sides spanning 500 or so years, not 1000's! At least one member of my grandmothers family, the Black's, have lived in Watertown, CT since the Revolutionary war. I can hardly fathom that as I have moved 6 times in 10 years and am packing for another move as we speak!

Thanks for the info and Congrats on your award! You deserve it!

AutumnLeaves said...

A well deserved award, Nancie, truly. I loved reading these facts about you too. Life sounds like it is wonderful and I am so glad you have a job in the arts profession. I think it would be cool to work in NY, of course, only assuming the commute wasn't a nightmare. Now I must head off to see the chicken below! (I had to get up and leave the house early yesterday so missed my blog rounds...) Thank you for including me in your list too!

Angela said...

Oh My goodness! The things that make people tick never cease to amaze me. Isn't life grand. Have a blessed day.

Nancy Goldman said...

Nancie, thanks for including me in your list of bloggers.

I can see why you were given the award. I've really enjoyed your blog since you started it.


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