Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Never Accept Defeat!!

Do you remember this piece? The Hedgerow, one of my larger pieces, was entered (and later declined) from 2 shows. I actually felt bad for the piece - in my heart, I just knew it was a good painting.

Well, 3rd time is the charm. It was accepted in to the Fulton-Montgomery Art Show in upstate NY, which is held this year at the Paul Nigra Art Center. 

And I'm thrilled to say it won Best In Show/First Place - all media!! 

I knew, I just knew, the painting would get noticed! So glad it has gotten the recognition I always felt it deserved.

So my blog title on this ..... "never accept defeat" quite simply means that life may dish out defeat to you, but you have the option to accept it ...... or not! So glad I did not stop after 2 rejects! :)

1 comment:

Sea Dean said...

Well done Nan. ayou're a star.


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