Saturday, November 29, 2014

Overall View

"Overall View"
10 x 20 acrylic on stretched canvas
Commissioned piece - NFS 

This is the second commission for the same client as the previous post "Gazebo at the Lake." If you look on the left hand side, you will see a bit of the gazebo. This painting focused more on the house and the gentleman's canon & flag, both of which he is quite fond of. 

Because of the wider spread of the property, I had suggested the wider canvas (10 x 20). I thought it would compliment the setting better than a typical canvas of 16x20 or similar ratio. Again, the only request was to make it "autumn", which I did again with a mix of the greens. The 2 paintings compliment each other nicely, and will look wonderful hung on the same wall.

That is one thing with stretched canvas with gallery edges (as both of these have). They can be hung without frames - and for gift-giving, that is very helpful. (as well as helping with shipping costs!) Picking out a frame for someone is probably harder than actually commissioning the painting! Both of these paintings are on galley stretched canvas with 1/2 inch sides - and I continued the image on all 4 sides. It gives the paintings a very nice, finished look.


There is still time to commission a painting for the holidays - but time is getting close so contact me soon (Thanksgiving is on the later side of November this year). Whether a homestead, house, favorite building or scene - or a treasured pet! An original painting makes a wonderful gift! 


CrimsonLeaves said...

It is beautiful, Nancie. Your client's gift recipient will be so over the moon. My favorite thing to do is pick mats and frames for art work. I love it!

Nelvia said...

This turned out so well, both pictures together are so complimentary and best there is so much to look at you won't get tired of these hanging on your wall. So many things an artist has to do that no one realizes until you are the one making the decisions. I have done a couple wrapped canvas pics and find it intriguing to determine how/what to do on the sides to seamlessly continue the picture, also a challenge.


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