Sunday, June 8, 2014

Welcome Home

Commissioned Piece - NFS
9 x 12 Acrylic on canvas panel

This is the second commissioned Home Portrait, finally finished! This one was a little bit of a struggle. There are many things going on in this painting - trees with leaves, trees without, flagpole with flag, stone garden walls, front entry lights, wreaths & stones. And an adorable little child hanging on a "swing" from the large tree -- did you spot it? Left side above the small, red maple tree. Also, the house is white - which always has extra color to it -- but this time, I kept it basically white. I didn't want it to create confusion with too many colors.

I also chose to add the cast shadows on the home and walkway to add a bit of contrast to the white. I always thought that cast shadows from trees & leaves gave a very comforting feeling. Hence the name of this one, "Welcome Home"


CrimsonLeaves said...

Well done, Nancie. I love those gateposts with the wreaths. The dappled yard, walk, and house are superb.

Katherine Thomas said...

This is awesome! I'm so intrigued by the addition of cast shadows... and you did it so masterfully, I assumed they were in the original reference photo. I love how you made the shadows part of the composition by placing them where they looked best!


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