Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Slices & a Leaf

"Two Slices & a Leaf"
6x8 acrylic on canvas
Available through DPW gallery/auction

Continuing with my smaller paintings & practice with the new easel, this small apple grouping was done with a loose brush stroke & luscious red paint. I am trying to have a more painterly approach to these smaller paintings, and may even pick up the palette knife soon. I don't want to spend too much time on the details - but I don't want to eliminate them completely. (Although the idea of doing a small painting without details is appealing, so that may be on my list)

This originally had only the single full apple & 2 slices, but it was missing something. Adding the leaf gave it the balance it needed. I like that single slice with the leaf so much, I may do a separate painting of just that. Perhaps with the palette knife. 

The idea of with all of these is to have a bit of fun. All the while, I am working on a very large commissioned piece of a lighthouse. I find these smaller paintings a perfect break from the large work.

All of these smaller pieces are for sale via DPW, and are priced very reasonably.

1 comment:

CrimsonLeaves said...

Like how you added the bit of brown to the edges of the slices; that is reality for sure. Love the composition and the background is beautiful!


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