Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dogwood Blossoms

"Dogwood Blossoms"
9x12 acrylic on canvas panel
Available through eBay Gallery/Auction

One of my favorite flowers to bloom in spring is my Dogwood tree. I was thrilled when I first bought the house, to find a dogwood in the yard. And even more thrilled to find it in full bloom that first spring I was here. Now, every year, it blooms with the most wonderful white blossoms, edged with a purple-red. 

The birds love this tree too. Throughout spring & summer they take up residence in the various bird houses I have scattered in the tree branches. In the fall, the red berries are eaten by the birds that are about to migrate south for the winter. And it does give a wonderful shade in the yard. 

Here is a picture from last spring of the side garden, the dogwood & the bleeding hearts (which I also love). There are various other flowering plants within this garden, from ground covers, to bulbs, and hosta's. Due to the abundant shade that happens in the summer, I put mostly shade-loving plants in this bed. And to think, this garden started as only a few daffodils planted around a tree!

Unfortunately, right now, all this is buried under 10+ inches of snow (with another 12 or so due on Sunday). It has been a long, cold winter - and I'm looking forward to seeing my garden again. 


CrimsonLeaves said...

The dogwood blossoms are beautiful, Nancie! As is your gorgeous yard.

Nancy Goldman said...

Your garden is lovely and I really like this painting Nan. Your background make the flowers 'pop'. How did you get that beautiful texture in the background?


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