Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wooden Ranch

Commissioned Piece - NFS
9 x 12 Acrylic on canvas panel

This was a challenge indeed. The client asked for the fall look & supplied a photo. Only instructions were to simply follow the photo. I did question if a summer version was preferred but the answer was no. That changed many things with the painting.

First, the blue of the sky has a different color - the blue is somewhat colder. I used Cobalt blue rather than my summertime Cerulean. Second, the trees are bare. In fact, all trees are bare so it greatly reduces the cast shadows. And third, the grass is at the end of it's growth cycle. It doesn't die, but it does take on a darker appearance along with some touches of brown - I used yellow ochre. 

I did warm up the house by adding a reddish brown to it (Burnt Sienna). The only flowers in the photos were potted yellow flowers (maybe mums?) on the wide front steps, so I added them for a bit of contrast.

I redid many areas in this as I tried to balance it vertically. I also was trying to balance the warm & cool as well. I think it came out ok, but you'll have to tell me - does the home look inviting?


Sea Dean said...

Commissions are so challenging. You are very brave to go for it. I like the painting but I don't think it looks inviting. If the client wants a fall look, I would add a few straggling leaves on the trees and on the grass around. I would also suggest a slightly darker green in the foreground to create a bit of a cameo to focus on the home. Hope that helps. PS I hope you have time to add a few Gift and Ornament paintings to my ART PARTY.

CrimsonLeaves said...

The home does indeed look inviting. I've love to live here!

Nan Johnson said...

Funny how 1 person says inviting and the other says not. But goes to show you how art can affect people differently. Sea, the foreground grass does have dark areas to help cameo the house - unfortunately, the camera did not pick that up so well, it also muted the clouds a bit so their detail is lost. I'm afraid to touch the trees since the owner was a bit clear to follow their image - perhaps a few in the foreground grass. Thanks all!


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