Monday, September 23, 2013

House #2154 with Palms

Commissioned Piece - NFS
6 x 12 Acrylic on canvas panel

What a fun & different house this was to paint! Living in the NorthEast, I don't get to paint many palm trees. And this style home is not common in my area either. Really enjoyed this one - and it sort of painted itself!

Because this house is low and long, I opted to do a 6x12 size canvas. Otherwise it would look lost on a larger rectangle - it really needed the smaller ratio. My other option was to crop away some of the house - actually, quite a bit. I thought of doing a vertical of the entry & 2 palms only - may offer that as an option if the person this commission piece is for is not happy with the format. I personally love it!

Artist notes:
I am working on a second home portrait and I have to admit that it is really 'kicking my butt' in regards to the angles & perspective. There is a great deal of vegetation (that I need to omit), but it blocks so much of the house & it's angles, its very hard to determine where the lines meet & the angles occur! It's quite a challenge but I am determined to succeed! 

With the holidays rapidly approaching, and the gift giving lists starting, wouldn't a "Home Portrait" make a wonderful gift for someone? Contact me if you are interested in one - there is still time to order & receive one for the holidays. But don't wait too long - the days are flying by!


martinealison said...


Votre choix de format est judicieux pour cette peinture.

Une très belle bâtisse. Gros bisous

CrimsonLeaves said...

It is indeed a great gift idea!! I was reminded of Golden Girls in this one.

Nancy Goldman said...

You've painted this beautifully Nan. I'm sure your clients love it.


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