Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seminole Street - SOLD

Commissioned Piece - NFS
9x12 Acrylic on canvas panel

Another House portrait. This one was a bit more of a challenge as the photo sent to me was not high quality (paper print out only) and it had a small tree on the front lawn. The instructions were to enlarge the tree & make it lacy looking. 

This is one of the towns older homes - in fact it did exist in the 1934 photos. However, the owner wanted a painting of the house as it looks today. Or, at least, how it looked in her photo. I did drive over to the house last weekend to take a few digital photos. I like to be able to zoom in on the house for some details as it helps me render the architecture a bit more true to life. 

One thing interesting was that the supplied photo shows the house with a blue tint. However, in person, the house is definitely grey. However, like most grey's, they lean towards either warm (red's) or cool (blues). This house leaned toward the cooler blue toned grey and I suppose the homeowners camera enhanced that undercolor. To be honest, I am tired of painting grey houses, so I opted to go with the blue that was in her photo. I hope she is happy with this, or I will need to redo the house & make it more grey.

I did worry quite a bit about being able to paint the house & it's surroundings in such a way that they would be believable. What I liked about her photo was the dappled shade on the front lawn and on the edge of the house. Also, the bright sunlit shrubs at the front of the house. But the thing I crossed my fingers on was the tree I needed to invent in the front. I had to work with it a bit - I couldn't have it block too much of the house & yet, it needed to be in front. But I finally was happy with the trunk, the branches & the leaves -- and the lacy look!

I'm quite happy with this one. If the woman isn't happy with it I will keep it myself. It just gives me such a calm feeling to look at it!


CrimsonLeaves said...

It is gorgeous, Nan. I think that dappled yard is amazing, the tree beautiful and your instincts spot on.

Celia said...

This is awesome!


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