Monday, August 26, 2013


Acrylic on 9x12 canvas panel
Available through DPW gallery/auction

I need to totally apologize as I can not remember who this original shot belongs to! I know I downloaded it in May, and I'm pretty sure it was for one of the blog challenges, but I failed to write down any notes (I usually do keep notes but have gotten lazy of late). So I do apologize, and if anyone knows what challenge this was for (back in May), please let me know and I will update this post.

That being said, the original photo is a horizontal shot with this beautiful sunset. And I have always been captivated by a silhouetted foreground that frames the focal point. I chose the vertical view and I also flopped the image (horizontally) because I wanted the sun in the sky in the "sweet spot" on the canvas. Heres a photo of the original image:

You'll also notice that I added some dark blue at the top of my canvas. In the original photo, once I cropped in as I did, the top of the sky was too light & had nothing in it. It looked lost, especially with the heavy foreground. By adding the clouds/dark blue streaks to the top of the canvas I balanced the composition.

This is one of those "looks much, much better" in person images. The camera did not blend the colors of the sunset the way the human eye does. I have found that digital cameras put in hard edges between colors which the eye blends them automatically. It's a wonderful scene of a wonderful moment - and please, does anyone know/remember where this is from?


CrimsonLeaves said...

It is so beautiful, Nan!

renate said...

Hello Nan:) You did an amazing job on this one. I love it when the light comes from the back side. Well done!!


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