Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tall Pine & Peeling Birch Bark

These are 2 of my larger paintings - each is 16 x 40 on stretched, gallery-wrapped canvas, with the image continued onto the 1-1/2 inch sides. I did these acrylic paintings in 2010 when I had the desire to do a few large pieces. I chose the tall, vertical shape to work with the tall tree trunks & bark - seemed to enhance the height of the trees.

Tomorrow I am delivering these to the Vail Mills Information Center in upstate NY. The art group I am a member of, SVAN (Sacandaga Valley Arts Network) does a gallery display at the information center all year. And every couple of months they do a painting rotation, with the various art members bringing in new work. This will be my first showing in their gallery and I'm very excited. When I asked if there were any size restrictions, the woman in charge asked what sizes I had. Being short of time, I could not get any of my smaller pieces framed, so I told her it was all gallery edged stretched canvas's ranging in size from an 8x10, to these two 16x40, and 1 that is 36 x 40. She said the 16x40's would be interesting to use, so I am delivering the 2 tree paintings tomorrow. I only hope they are liked & well received by the other artists.

I will also get to meet the other artists for the first time. I am not able to attend their monthly meeting as I am considered a long-distance member. My main home is in New Jersey, but I spend equal time in the adirondacks of NY state. This group is in the upstate area and they meet on a weeknight, which is a little hard for me to attend.

And since tomorrow is my birthday (and a milestone one at that), I thought it rather fitting that I would be doing something art-related. And also doing something that I've never done before - something new and exciting. After all, birth is a new start!

I will let you know how it all works out. Oh, and after the gathering at the center (where we hang the paintIngs) and discussion, I will be going to Dairy Frost to treat myself to dinner. Dairy Frost is the local ice cream drive-in where, for a small amount of money, you get a HUGE ice cream. Thought that would be a perfect dinner for a birthday!

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CrimsonLeaves said...

A perfect way to celebrate your birthday indeed! Happy birthday, dear Nancie. I love trees, no matter their incarnations. These are beautiful and I am really drawn to the birch bark.


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