Sunday, June 30, 2013

Midland Road - SOLD

Commissioned Piece - NFS
9x12 Acrylic on canvas panel

This is house #2 that I recently painted. This is the older of the two homes, as it did have a photo in the 1930 collection. However, the woman prefered to have a painting done of the home the way it looks today. I thought it interesting to see how much of the house changed, and how much remained from the older time. Here is the older photo:

This house is very different from yesterdays. The shape & design, the colorings, and the landscaping. It made it a bit difficult to capture the house - I really wanted to do justice to this one.

You'll notice that the details over the windows & at the peak of the roof are still there from the earlier time. They are not only there, but the owner painted them a contrasting color to emphasize them. 

This house is also painted straight on, putting the front door almost center. I could not put it to the side on the "sweet spot" because it angled the house all wrong on the canvas. I would cut off some of the house & then give too much room on the opposite side for the greenery. I like how the landscaping, which is very lush, has a perfect opening to see the front door. The walk on this house is from the side and yet, you see where to go. It's wonderfully framed by the landscaping.

Again, I left some areas simplified and didn't put all the details in everywhere. The red accent trim pieces were so wonderfully placed on the house and then echoed with the flowers on the walk. It helped to tie the whole scene together I think. And all that lush greenery. Those of you familiar with my work know that I love painting lush greens!

I hope you enjoyed these two homes, and I hope the new owner of the paintings does as well. And hopefully there will be more orders for more homes! Fingers crossed.


jill polsby said...

I am so, so, so excited for you. This was a wonderful series of paintings and I'm so happy that someone else thought so too! Congratulations !!!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I love it, Nan. You did an amazing job and these Oradell homes have been my favorite series.


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