Monday, April 8, 2013

Precious - finalized!

Here she is, Precious completed! The girl who commissioned the painting said red was great, so I kept it (many of you did also). But following some additional feedback, I varied the background from light to dark (top left to bottom right). Doesn't show that well in the photo, better in person. I also subdued the pattern in it so it would not compete with the dog. And I did more with the fur, especially along the edges.

Here's a photo of a closeup showing the eyes & nose section. There is quite a bit of color in this area. (looking at this cropped in image, I almost wish I had done the painting at this close perspective. May have to do another one!)

I'm quite happy with the final outcome on this. Thank you all who took the time to give me feedback & comments. Sometimes you can stare at something for so long and your mind just goes in circles. Having extra eyes is so helpful!

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