Sunday, February 24, 2013


Acrylic on 9x12 canvas panel
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This was done & submitted to Dana Marie on her Rendition Me This monthly art challenge. She often posts a piece of her work, then asks artists to paint what they are inspired to do so. 

I loved her color palette, so picked up much of that, and loved her spirals in the background - but played them up more by swirling the piece. Lots of fun painting this one, as there was no need to focus on details that much, or perspective. The gold partition lines are done in an iridescent gold - camera just doesn't capture it all that well. I may also enter this as my submission for the theme "Fantasy" on The Art Challenge Gallery which is due beginning of March.

A separate note:
I have redone my website - new look & a new provider. I was with Big Cartel for a few months - had small success there, but started to question paying $20.00 a month fee. I am not selling many pieces a week, where I can afford to pay a $20 monthly fee. So, after reading another artists blog & website changeover post, I decided to investigate Weebly. It is free, has far more templates, is customizable. The only weak point that I can see is that the free version has very simple stats. Their paid version states is has much better stat & record collecting. Seeing that it is only about $48.00 for a year, I'm inclined to think even the paid version of Weebly is better. 

Check out the new website - all my links have been updated to direct people to the new site. Would love to hear back on what you think.



martinealison said...

Un tourbillon intéressant qui emporte mon regard... Gros bisous

Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Took a quick visit to your new website. It is attractive and the colors and banner image, Nan. It seems to be user friendly. Good luck with it.

I love your interpretation of Dana Marie's 'rendition' painting. Beautiful colors and nice design. (I know what you mean about the colors not always photographing exactly. I have the same problem.:(

Sea Dean said...

I took a look at your Weebly site and it is nice and fast to click through. What a lot of work transferring all those photos!
I know dark backgrounds are fashionable but I have to say that the particular shade of brown doesn't seem to show your paintings at their best. Each computer views colour differently but I would suggest a cooler brown or even a more neutral mid grey would show them better. :o)

CrimsonLeaves said...

Good luck with your new website, Nancy. Love the colors you chose in this piece.

Margaret said...

A Peacock Tree. That's what came to mind. I think your website for under $50 is very nice!


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