Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nestled Home

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas panel
Email me if interested in this painting

This is the second painting in my series of "1934 Oradell Homes" - and again, I used a black & white image from the towns archive and added my own color.

This time I included the foreground tree branches & the shadows they cast and I think it really adds depth to the painting. Actually frames it - and gives it a sort of nestled in look, hence my name choice. I feel like I'm standing in the street (which, by the way, in 1934 were predominantly dirt) and looking in at the house.

I love painting these big old victorian style homes, with their peaks, ornate moldings - and it just makes me think that they would be painted in a colorful style as well. As if the house can say "here I am!" Of course, in 1934, which is 4 years into the Great Depression, these houses may have been a bit more subdued in color, and may have needed a bit of repair that was probably "on hold." Still, I can picture me walking around the grounds of the home and doing some simple gardening.

Here is the original b/w image, used with permission from Oradell township:

I have a google link for where this house once sat, but it appears it is no longer there. Or, the house went through some major changes (such as the front bay window was replaced by a porch!). Sometimes these old homes fall into disrepair, or fire takes them. Sad that something so beautiful as pictured here, could be gone.


CrimsonLeaves said...

It is just gorgeous, Nancie! Boy, what a treasure these pieces would be for the historical society up there in Oradell.

Pat Koscienski said...

Wow, you are a master at painting buildings, Nan. Mine all end up leaning. My favorite painter, Corot, used a device of painting the forground dark, thus directing the viewers eye to the midground. You really achieve that effect, also. I really like it.

Angela Sullivan said...

Wow! I love these paintings. The colors are wonderful.


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