Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rose Water Droplets

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
Available through DPW gallery/auction

Fun with water droplets! This image was posted on the Paint & Draw Together blog challenge - the instruction was to let our imagination fly. Well, I have to say, I painted the image as it was in the photo. I loved the leaves, and the rose - and really wanted to practice doing those water droplets.

I haven't done them in quite a while - and I usually shy away from them. But after looking up a few tutorials (honestly, what did we do without youtube?) I started to tackle them again. I think I could have varied the sizes more - and with practice, I would probably get much better at them. Still, it was a challenge I wanted to try.


CrimsonLeaves said...

You did an excellent job, Nancie! It is one gorgeous rose kissed with dew drops. I love it.

Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

You did a really nice job on the challenge, Nan. Colors are vibrant and I like the way you cropped.

Nancy Goldman said...

This is beautiful Nan. I love your black background. It really makes the flower and droplets pop.


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