Monday, July 23, 2012

Mountain Range Miniature

Acrylic on 2x3 slate
Available through DPW gallery/auction

Sometime ago, I did an assortment of paintings on pieces of slate. They were the larger pieces of slate that I obtained from someone who took down an old slate roof. I did quite a few, and gave quite a few away as gifts as well. Then a friend of mine was re-doing her country kitchen, and the slate floor was taken up. An assortment of smaller pieces were made out of this batch, and I occasionally take out a small piece to paint a simple scene. 

This scene is from the lake upstate, and the entire piece measures 3x2 inches. I think this looks much better in person than it photographs - partly because you need to zoom in enough to capture the painting and that often zooms in on imperfections as well.


martinealison said...

Un très joli paysage... avec une belle harmonie de couleurs.

Je risque parfois de m'absenter durant cette période estivale. Je dois partir pour mes diverses expositions dans le sud de la France... Mais je serai présente régulièrement dès la mi-septembre.

Gros bisous.

CrimsonLeaves said...

I love the idea of painting on slate, Nan. The blues show exquisitely against the background. A stunning little gem this is!


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