Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Facebook StoreFront -- Opening Sale!!

I have decided it's time to try some different avenues for selling my art. The DPW website has worked rather well, with some of my 9x12 paintings being sold. I will keep the DPW gallery active but I have also setup a new FaceBook store named "Nan Johnson Fine Art" and have uploaded an assortment of my paintings that are on 9x12 sized canvas sheets. I will add more as time goes by and as merchandise sells, but for now, there is a variety of categories online.

In honor of the stores opening, I have set all paintings in the store at a 25% discount for the month of April! Yes, 25% off - and all you need to do is "LIKE" my page. That's it - then shop, add to the cart & check out.

All payments are via PayPal, same as on the DPW gallery. All images have shipping charges on them - however, I can ship multiple paintings together & will refund any duplicate shipping charges when doing so.

And if you've had your eye on one of my paintings, but it is not in the store - email me (or comment here). If it is still available, I'll be glad to upload that one for your purchase (and it will be part of the April discount as well!).

So CLICK HERE to stop by & visit. Be sure to hit LIKE to get your 25% discount on all paintings. But hurry, the discount is only good until the end of this month!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Good luck with your new venture, Nancie!

Denise Broussard said...

I love your Facebook Store. I set up a FB fan page as a store but it doesn't look anything as nice as your page. Great job and lots of luck with your new "store."

Nan Johnson said...

Thank you both for the well wishes.

Denise - I used a Facebook app "Payvment" for the store. It's free (although there are paid versions that offer more options). You can find a link to the app at the bottom of my store. I'm laughing because I had the whole thing setup a bit ago, then Facebook came out with their Timeline update, and I had to rework some things. So your complement about the stores look means alot - thank you!


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