Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coffee Beans & Jar in sunlight

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
Available through DPW gallery/auction

Originally posted in February of 2011, this coffee jar was a challenge on Paint & Draw Together. The original image posted was of the coffee jar & beans and a blank background. Our direction was to add a background for both visual interest & also to convey aerial perspective with an undefined space behind the jar. My original post can be read here.

I just recently reworked this a bit, as I was not happy with the previous version. I changed the tone of the background color and made the suns rays a bit less defined. I also find these older paintings of mine tend to have too many similar value & not enough value shifts. So I have taken to reworking some of them - this one is 1 of 5 I did this weekend. I will post the others over the next few days.

It's interesting to do this from time to time. It not only shows you "where you have come from with your art" but also "what you have learned & can apply." My current artists eye told me the previous versions background was too vague in color (is that a term, I don't know). The whole idea of this painting was to convey the sunlight - so I changed the green used so it would add the vibrance I was looking for, then reworked the suns rays on the background so they would not overpower the coffee jar & beans (which are the main subject). A bit more definition was needed on the coffee beans as well. 

Would love to hear from any of you - what do you think of the changes from the version done last year?


CrimsonLeaves said...

Love the colors in this piece, Nan. I hate critiquing in any way shape or form. While I love the boldness of the colors in the re-worked version, I think the value shifts were better in the original. Ask me to articulate why and I'm stumped. Either way, I really and truly liked them both and I so wish I could find a cool little jar like this. I am also thinking of the lovely aroma those beans must emit!

Angela said...

I liked it before and I like it now.


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