Friday, February 3, 2012

Times Square - SOLD

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
SOLD - prints available through Fine Art America

This is the painting I started prior to my surgery, and today I was able to sit & finish the work on it. This is Times Square in NY, location shot taken from Google - click here for the street map view. This is a very busy scene - there is just so much energy in Times Square, so I did a bit of creative editing to simplify the shapes. I also took a bit of license on color - trying to enhance the colors of the area.

I think I am in love with painting NYC so don't be surprised if more cityscapes are done. I have come to realize that I live near, and work in, one of the most fascinating areas. There's a photo and/or a painting on every corner!

It feels so good to be back with my art. Now, if I could only put my own socks on & walk faster than a snails pace! I know, all in good time.

1 comment:

CrimsonLeaves said...

So glad you are feeling better, Nan. I love how you get the sense of looking up and the buildings seem to lean in towards each other and over you. You've captured that sensation in this piece! And despite your editing, you've still given so much energy to this piece with the colors and activity going on around the light board marquee!


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