Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Floral Rendition

I found a new challenge blog called Rendition Me This, run by Dana Marie. A floral painting of her's was posted and she invites other artists to make their rendition. I didn't want to copy her painting or her flowers too closely, but I loved the colors of the reds & blues she had. I did my own flowers but with her color palette - hopefully this is acceptable for a rendition.

I had fun with this painting and did things a bit differently. For one thing, no sketching. Just brush, and paint, and an idea. Secondly, I've kept all the brush strokes and various thickeness's of paint through out this, so there is quite a bit of texture (which the photo does not show). And also, I painted this on an 8x10 edged canvas - with sides painted. I always like these canvas's - and love when the image wraps around onto the sides.

Head on over and see this new challenge and give it a try. She has various links that will bring up the EBSQ's Ripped Off project. It's so interesting to see what what one artists "see's" and "paints" as a rendition - each interpretation differs.


Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Love the bright colors, shapes and texture of your flower 'rendition', Nan.

Dana Marie said...

Thank you for your beautiful art entry, Nan! And thank you for bringing it to the attentiont to your viewers! :)

Happy Creating! :)

~ Dana Marie

CrimsonLeaves said...

The colors are indeed beautiful, Nan. You've done a marvelous job here! How are you feeling?


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