Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Other Conversation

I got quite a few comments on my last post about the conversation project I'm collaborating with Jill Polsby on.  So here's the "Other Conversation" as it is being done. Jill sent me this one, nicknamed "the fruit" conversation since it started as fruit -- but it's taking a different path, a little away from the fruit (for now).

Here is the 1st painting, done by Jill. I had the option of turning this & building off of any side. I chose to work with it as you see it.

And so I painted a match off the right side:

Jill then followed up with the 3rd part, and you'll notice that the fruit is slowly being replaced by birds:

Jill sent this to me and I had to decide what to build off of that round red item off the right side. First thing that came to my mind? Angry bird!!

And he's angry at the sleeping cat. What did the cat do to anger the bird?? It's all in the feathers!

And now the latest installment I just finished, coming off of the cat's tail & feather. Seems the cat has been busy enticing the birds his way with a For Rent sign!

Here is the conversation so far. I have it in 2 parts, and I did stitch them together on the computer to show it as 1 whole piece. (we've about hit the limit of being able to show 1 piece as it's getting too large.) Please pardon, some of my stitching is not so exact. The pieces fit together much better in real life, I'm just a wee bit tired - as in very!)

So now it's off in the mail to Jill, who will build off of the leaves & feathers on the right. Can't wait to see what she thinks of next!


AutumnLeaves said...

I am so getting a kick out of this and I can't believe this is two artists working as one. You two do this fabulously!!

Angela said...

Still again I say this is the neatest project hope you will keep posting as I would like to see the continuation of this.

Nancy Goldman said...

I really enjoying your conversation with Jill. You are both so creative!

Virginia Floyd said...

Really fantastic! You two work so well together! I'm loving this conversation.

padmaja said...

The coordination between the two of you is lovely and this feels like a motion picture!

NMG's art said...

This is such a fun idea. Both of you are to be applauded for your creativity. Such fun to watch these develop. Please keep posting.


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