Sunday, August 21, 2011

Auction and Challenge/Contest update

Back on August 7th I posted how the DPW auctions, that I had just started to use, were progressing. Now, 2 weeks later, I thought I would give you an update.

As of the 7th, 1 painting had sold at auction: "Light Reading" which is a stack of books I had painted for  the "stacks" challenge on DPW. I was disappointed that 1 other auction had it's bid retracted, but I chose to see that as someone was perhaps spending money they shouldn't be, rather than they changed their mind & didn't like the painting.

Since the 7th, 3 more paintings have sold through DPW! Needless to say, I am thrilled. These 3 sold as "pay it now" via a PayPal link on the paintings in my gallery, and not through the auctions. I still have some paintings up on auction, as I am still trying to figure out what sells. A good friend of mine has pointed out that my traditional landscapes do not sell, however, those paintings that are a bit unusual or different do. She is the owner of the "Rainbow Sun" painting that I had done, and is part of the CBS Sunday Morning Sun Library. (it hasn't been used on the Sunday morning show yet, but I keep watching with fingers crossed!)

To attest to her observation, the art that has sold has been variations of still lifes or real life situations. Those that sold are "Make a Wish" - which is a closeup of lit birthday candles. Also sold is "Little Red House" which is a red house with green trees & white side fence. This painting was done in my "shapes" style of painting, which lets the viewers eye do the blending. The third painting just sold is "Couple of Blondes" which is the city woman with her afghan dog, both the woman's hair & dog's fur is blowing in the breeze. These, combined with the "Light Reading" stack of books painting,  are the artwork that has sold - and it does confirm what my friend had pointed out.

I have uploaded more paintings -- some of the landscape and floral paintings that I've done. I am now going through my various still life paintings, many of which are in the "shapes" style, to see what else I can upload. I am going to continue with DPW at this time, since it has proved to be a good avenue for selling my artwork - at least for now. Not sure how large, more expensive art would fare on the site - but for now, I'm happy to sell some of my smaller works (9x12). I'm glad that there are others who find my work enjoyable & like it enough to own it! It's a really good feeling!

On a separate note, but definitely worth mentioning, I had entered my painting called "Subway NYC" into the Summer StreetView Paintoff challenge/contest. I am so happy to say that it was 1 of 2 winners that the blog owner Kay Zahn announced! I am quite surprised & humbled, as the other artists work was very good & I never thought it would win. (I actually hoped to maybe get an honerable mention, so was speechless when I saw my name listed as one of the winners!) This painting is not for sale, at least not yet. I am awaiting to hear from Kay on any requirements needed in regards to her challenge.


Irina said...

Nancy, great, great news!
And congrats on the "Street View" victory. So well deserved.
Thank you very much for the detailed report.

Virginia Floyd said...

Enjoyed your post. It's interesting to see what someone actually sold on the site. And congratulations on your win. I love that painting!

AutumnLeaves said...

All kinds of news from your little corner of the world, Nancie! And it is all good, too! So fun to read. I am surprised at the gifts on your challenge win! Does that blog owner pay those prizes out of pocket herself? That is amazing and so much fun!! Congratulations, my arty friend!!

yasha said...

Hi Nancie,Its good to know about the sales.Hope you sell many more of your work.
Just wanted to inform you that I have been tagged by 'Pragya Tiwari' for the seven links project.In turn I have linked you for the same. You shall have to review your past blogposts and choose 7 best of your choice. Please see my blog to know more about this.


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