Sunday, June 12, 2011


What's better than 1 gift? Multiple gifts! Recently my calendar has been filled with parties - a 90th birthday,  a confirmation, a few graduations, a wedding anniversary. All happy times, all with gifts & well wishes.

I love all the colors on wrapped gifts. The ribbons & bows combined with the paper make a visual feast for the receivers eyes. My mother had always taught me that the wrapping on a gift, no matter how large or small the gift, lets the person know just how much you thought about them. The wrapping, in some ways, communicates the feelings more so than the actual gift.

And so I always present the present, so to speak, with an assortment of ribbon & paper. Or a multi-color gift bag with contrasting (or coordinating) tissue paper, with colorful bows & ribbons tied to display.

The gift says "I thought about you" - and the wrapping says "I think a great deal of you!"

This is my submission to last weeks DPW challenge, the gift. This painting is for sale on my website, in the still life section.

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


AutumnLeaves said...

Interesting thoughts on the gift wrapping! I think you are onto something there, too. A most lovely painting, Nancie! So well done and I am quite enamored of that checkered ribbon!

SYLVIANE said...

It's true abut wrapping, I think the same!
and your painting is gorgeous, elaborated composition!


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