Friday, June 17, 2011

Light Reading - SOLD

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
SOLD - prints available through Fine Art America

This past weekend I was part of an informal, group discussion on the fate of books. There were those who thought that hard cover (and paperback) books would never cease, others who thought they would disappear completely with the advent of the electronic book age. Myself - I'm in the middle. I doubt books will disappear completely - but I don't think they will remain as popular & unscathed either.

I have always loved books. Even as a child, I loved to go the library and just be amongst all those books. I was amazed by all the stories that existed & were waiting to be read. And all the knowledge that could be found within those books.  In school, I can remember the Bookmobile! A trailer, full of books. We would climb the metal steps to go inside, then explore the various books that were in there. I can still remember the smell of all those books - a smell I can relive any time now by walking into a Barnes & Noble!

Today's child doesn't have quite the same experience, I suppose. Since so much information is at their fingertips through the internet & their computer. Libraries still exist (as does Barnes & Noble), but they also have computers available for research. Yes, there are still some people sitting at tables or in chairs around the rooms, quietly reading a book they chose off the shelves. I actually heard someone refer to that as nostalgic!

I must confess that I have started to embrace the world of "eBooks" as well. Being a daily commuter on a bus, I love to read while I'm being held captive for that hour each day. Carrying a book is often heavy & takes up valuable room (commuters could go on the Let's Make A Deal game show and win, since we tend to carry everything we need with us at all times). With the eBook, it is always with me, on my iPhone that I am carrying with me anyway, and I can read (or not) anytime I choose. When the book is done, it is stored data that can be archived - instead of a solid book that sits on a bookshelf, collecting dust. (Periodically, I go through my books and donate them to the local library.)

I must say the ease & convenience of eBooks is very appealing. And I'm sure I will continue to purchase & download an assortment of eBooks to enjoy. (just think, one day that will probably be considered nostalgic as well - wonder what it will be replaced with!). But when I'm sitting quietly on the bus, lost in another world for that brief time, I will be enjoying that convenience with great satisfaction.

If only they could capture the smell of all the books & store it in my iPhone - maybe a scratch & sniff. Now that would complete the scene!

This painting was done for the DPW challenge for Balance. It is acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet & available for sale on my website.


Pam Holnback said...

This one spoke right to me, as I am a lifelong avid reader and painter!

AutumnLeaves said...

Love this painting, Nancie! I too am an avid reader and adore the smell of a library and its books. I also fret over the advent of ebooks and worry at will happen to the printed book before much longer. I love the heft and smell of a book. I love reopening it when I've said it aside for a brief period. I love having them. I've thought lately of getting a Nook or a Kindle, but I just can't let myself go there. Yet. I just want to hold them for to me they are great gifts of imagination that I get to open again and again until I finish it!

AutumnLeaves said...

Your Paterson Terrace piece over on the Virtual Paintout is stunning, Nancie! Gorgeous job and I love that style of painting!

Virginia Floyd said...

I remember the bookmobile, too. It was one of my main entertainments in the summer. I'd check out as many books as the librarian would allow, and so would my best friend. Then we'd each read them and exchange with each other. We'd put a quilt on the ground in the shade of a tree between our houses and read.

My children also loved to read, but unfortunately, my grandchildren don't have that same love. They always are playing electronic games or watching TV instead. And that's what most of their friends do, too.

I do like my IPad for reading in bed at night. I don't need a lamp, and it doesn't bother my husband. But I love the feel and smell of a book.


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