Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bleeding Heart

Love these pretty little flowers in the spring, and I think they make a great symbol for Valentines Day also. I have multiples of these bushes in my yard, and they are one of the first plants to sprout up in the early spring. They grow rather quickly, and then suddenly, these tiny red hearts appear. I also have an all white version, but it doesn't grow quite as large as it's red and white cousin.

This was painted for The Artists Challenge website and their Valentine's challenge. This is also uploaded on my FineArtAmerica account, where it can be purchased as a card or print.

So as I head out into the awful freezing rain & ice storm to go to the day job, I will think of this image and know that Spring is coming. It won't be here tomorrow, but it is coming!

Acrylic on canvas, 8x8


AutumnLeaves said...

Those branches/twigs look so real, Nancie! Lovely floral piece, truly.

Virginia Floyd said...

Really beautiful, Nancie! Really great for Valentine's Day.

I tried to grow Bleeding Hearts in Austin, but they didn't like the heat.

yasha said...

Nancie these are so beautiful.A perfect piece for the Valentines Day.


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