Friday, January 7, 2011

With the sun you'll see a rainbow - SOLD

Update May 2014
I have a high-quality canvas print available of this painting. 
Measures 12 x 12 with gallery edges in solid black.
 It looks fantastic - in fact, it looks like the original! 
I intend to do only a few prints of this piece, so it will be numbered & signed.
Please email me if interested in purchasing a print.

This is a painting I have done for The Artists Challenge website, and the 2011 CBS Sun Art Challenge. This challenge is for Sun Paintings for the gallery. The CBS Sunday Morning television show is known for using art for the closing segment of their show, and the gallery of art is shipped to them to select from. There is no guarantee that your image, when submitted, will be chosen or used. The Artists group have counted (so far) 11 instances of images used from their gallery in the past! But to be honest, I'm just proud to have created this painting and submitted it to the challenge. You don't know how many times I said "nope, not good enough" or "this won't work out." But I kept at it.

Imagination, what a wonderful thing. I love when the sun breaks out after a heavy rain and you can look into the sky & see the rainbow. That beautiful prism of color within the air that seems to simply float. That's where I got the idea for this painting, and also for the title.

This is 12 x 12 acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas - edges are painted too. And this photo does not show that an iridescent gold was used in the face of the sun.


Virginia Floyd said...

Really great, Nancie! I enjoyed your explanation, too.

jbkrost said...

I've seen the show...
This should be aired, it just as thoughtful and interesting as the other before you!
nice work

AutumnLeaves said...

What a sharp and strong image, Nancie! I think it is fabulous and good luck with your submission!

Margaret Bednar said...

This is very unique and has a lot of interest to it. I love the color, the diagonal element to it (like a sun beam!) and the face is perfect. I think you have a wonderful sun here!

The Desert Girl said...

I love it! I hope to see it flash across my screen one day!


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