Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rio Housing

This is for the Virtual Paintout this month, which is visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I almost didn't make it this month, partly because of procrastination (see previous post), partly because of the holiday (Thanksgiving) - but mostly because I had a lot of trouble finding a location to paint.

There have been many beautiful scenes submitted for Rio, many of them beach & ocean. All beautiful sand, surf & people. Take a look over on the website - there is excellent work from many artists.

But, as I toured around Rio, I was struck not by the beaches (which we so often hear about), but by the poverty, slums and garbage that I saw within the streets. Once I started touring these sections, I knew that I would not be painting the beaches. There was just too much on the streets to notice - and "not" to notice.

There is ample graffiti written on stone walls and sides of buildings - there is garbage left accumulating in streets & on sidewalks. Vacant lots, vacant buildings. And what struck me most peculiar, is that as the google camera drove around capturing these sights - that the people of Rio were walking amongst it all, without a second look or seemingly without a thought. This was all matter-of-fact to these people -- and not so very far away from them are the beaches. With the sand, the sun, the fun and no doubt, the money. It really seems like such a stark contrast.

I looked around to find a colorful setting within these sad streets, and above is what I found on the corner of Rua Crato / Rua Venceslau Belo. There were others that I had found, and did a screen grab of. And it took a few days to finally decide on what I would paint. This location proved, at least to me, to be a harder challenge than some of the others. It was definitely an eye-opener as well.

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


Linda Popple said...

Nice! Love the blue!

Horst said...

This is a great Painting, I love the abstract quality and colors,

Rebecca said...

Great use of color. Your use of blue adds so much drama to the painting!

Cathy Holtom said...

Beautiful work, well worth taking your time to find. Some of the areas near where I live seem to get rundown and dirty too, when I asked why nobody seemed to see it, I was told that they just don't notice it anymore...sad.

Sheryl said...

I love the blue and really love the woman and all of the other hints. I had a hard time with Rio for the same reasons you mentioned. After a lot of googling the images that stuck in my mind were trash, graffiti, plastic chairs and a kind of loneliness.


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