Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bangkok Temple

I just returned from vacation. Very relaxing and I took the time to paint daily, so I have quite a few paintings done that will be posted over the next few days. Most of these are for challenges.

This particular one is for the Wet Canvas Landscape challenge for September. This particular temple is in located in Bangkok. I loved the symmetric composition of the photo, and I cropped it to get the symmetry as close to exact as I could. Then I simplied things by painting "shapes" which has quickly become my style for things. Especially on busy scenes or buildings. Rather than get bogged down on the details, I basically eliminate them and focus on color, shapes and values. I rather enjoyed painting this one.

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas

1 comment:

Erik said...

Hi Nancy,
I really like how you simplified the scene in your painting. I remember looking at the reference and thinking what a complex subject it would be to paint so I didn't participate.
Well done.


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