Thursday, August 19, 2010

La Saluto Patsy

This wonderful image of shadows & wine was the Different Strokes challenge in the Acrylics section on Wet Canvas. The challenge host, Agnes, had posted this and her instruction was to add color and/or texture to the shadows. I used my favorite 2 colors for the dark shadows: Alizarin Crimson & Dioxazine Purple. I love these 2 colors for their richness, and combined they make wonderful shadows. The red shadow cast by the glass, as well as the liquid itself has Grumbacher Red mixed in to get the more natural red. I added the light touch of leaves against the dark background with their color reflected in the edge of the glass, and a bit of blue in the light that is highlighting the top of the liquid. I enjoyed painting this one.

Red wine was a staple in my family, as my dad's side of the family was 100% Italian. We would gather on holidays around a table, chairs squished in so everyone could sit at together. There would be bowls & plates of food, steaming hot and just waiting for everyone to just dig in & start. As a kid, my mouth would be watering at this point.

But first the wine would be poured in everyone's glass. Even the kids got a wine-spritzer (mostly 7up or some other sparkling white soda with a touch of the red wine mixed in for color). Then my grandfather, Patsy, would raise his glass up and look at each person at the table (his gaze would literally go from person to person). As his eyes met each person's eyes, he would lift his glass to them ever so slight and if you were watching you would see a very subtle nod of his head. Once he had gone around the entire table, he would raise his glass up high and simply say "saluto." Then everyone would say 'saluto' and drink. Everyone was wishing everyone at the table "health & well-being."

My grandfather died in 1966 when I was only 13 years old, but he made a lasting impression on me. He was a kind man that everyone liked and I always remember him smiling when friends & family came to his house. He loved people to sit at the table & share a meal, and he showed them respect & value by saluting them. And so I dedicate this painting to him, and it's now my turn to say "saluto!"

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


Margaret Bednar said...

Can't say which I enjoyed more - your beautiful shadows or the memory of your grandfather! Both are quite rich and lovely.

AutumnLeaves said...

What a fabulous memory, Nancie, and I am sure you've made your grandfather proud. Such a rich heritage and one that goes so well with this richly lovely piece.

Nancy Goldman said...

It's so nice that the reference photo had so much personal meaning for you. I love the story of your grandfather.
Your painting is wonderful. You've really described everything so well. I especially like the terry cloth surface. Well done!

SYLVIANE said...

You were lucky to know, and have, such a grandfather, it's so important when we go on age to remember those things from the heart...beautiful painting, Nancie!


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