Thursday, July 22, 2010

Santa Barbara Mission

Updated 7/24 - the original on the top, I didn't like the lines on the stone. The angles were wrong on the top horizontal line of the rock, and the cross looked like it was leaning forward. The modified version is on the bottom, where I fixed the angles on the rock, and evened out the verticals of the cross so that it's base was a bit thicker (and not leaning). I did add a small amount of extra details to the base rock, as I didn't like it in the original - a bit too flat. I thought I would post both here so that the changes could be more easily understood. I always find that the digital camera is my extra set of eyes - seeing things (& showing me things) that I don't normally see. But also, once something is posted online, boy the mistakes jump right off the page at me!

The cross at the top of the Santa Barbara Mission - done for the A Day Not Wasted July challenge. Lee does some fantastic photography - my painting doesn't come near the light & color that his photo has. But I did enjoy painting this - there's something about painting rocks, stones & bricks that I find comforting. I chose to zoom in on the cross in the photo - but if you click the link & head over, you will see that the photo has a great deal more going on. In fact, it really is more than 1 smaller image within the overall, so there is quite a lot of choice available to everyone.

Head over to see the work by other artists, and check out Lee's photography - you won't be disappointed.

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


AutumnLeaves said...

Fabulous crop, Nancie. I am just enthralled by those fabulous tall trees behind the mission. Looks like a photograph!

Angela said...

Beautiful. I love how the trees dance behind the mission.

Paula said...

I love the highlights you added. They make the monument really stand out against the dark sky and terrific trees. Really good work!

beckielboo said...

Nancy, I don't know where to start. I love your entries for

VPO - Hong Kong is so well done

IAAU- great detail on the Hydrangeas

CMAM - Freedom is Fabulous! (I have to go read the comments - I know you got rave reviews for this one!)

BTS - Henreitta Chicken is adorable!

I could go on and on, you are doing so well. I see your work often and am very impressed! I also loved painting in challenges but just lost my umph! You go girl!


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