Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Koi Pond with 3 fish

This was an interesting challenge photo to work from. Done for the Studio Atelier blog, this challenge was an image posted by host Barb Benik. I have followed this blog for a while now, but this is the first time I did a painting for one of it's challenges.

The original reference image is a shot of an active (& busy) Koi Pond. There are quite a few lily pads in the image, as well as the water flowers. I looked at this image for quite a few days, trying to decide what part of the image to focus on. I thought the image was too large, and too busy, to do the entire thing - and I knew I would never get something that large & complex painted in time.

Each time I went back to the image to study it, I became fascinated by the lines of the tall leaves/reeds in the water reflection. And the assortment of colors. I decided to crop down to the bottom left corner of the original for my painting, and am happy with the outcome. I did add the additional fish to the painting for a better composition. It was actually a fun & relaxing painting to do and I had it done in a couple of evenings (wish they all were that easy. This isn't one of those that painted itself, but it was close!)

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


Barbara said...

This is an interesting and attractive painting. In a way, the fish don't look like they're under water, but I don't think that hurts the appeal of the piece.

Art with Liz said...

I've been hesitating over this one! You've done a great job on it and you should be well pleased with yourself!

AutumnLeaves said...

I am mesmerized by the lily pads especially. Those browns in the leaves are gorgeous and give it so much realism. Beautiful work, Nancie!

Nancie Johnson said...

Thank you all!

Barbara - I know about the fish. I fretted over that one for awhile. I was going to add water lines throughout the image (much of the painting is reflections) but opted to leave them out. It was the shapes that caught my attention on this one, so I didn't want to distract from them. It's rather 2 dimensional, isn't it?

Liz - I totally understand your hesitation. I had trouble with this one too. It wasn't until I focused on the shapes & decided on a much smaller crop that I was able to even start this. That's why I'm so close to the deadline on it!

Sherry - as always, your words are always so encouraging! Raw Sienna is one of my favorite red-brown colors. It seems to enhance light green's wonderfully, and I love to combine the 2 colors in any type of foliage.

Nancy Goldman said...

This is beautiful Nancie. It looks much to complicated to have almost painted itself! I really like your composition and the colors are very soothing.

Nancie Johnson said...

Oops - Sherry, I meant Burnt Sienna!

Thank you Nancy. I think the soothing colors actually helped me paint this one so easily.


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