Monday, June 21, 2010

Rookie Painter - Clothespins

It may seem that I do quite a few paintings in a single day, but actually, some of my paintings are done ahead of schedule for certain challenges. Those that have a definite reveal date (as on Wet Canvas) get done & held until that date arrives. I don't post them on my blog prior to the reveal date, so often (as in the Cherry abstract below) the painting is posted on the same date as another painting. (Below this post is the one I did for another challenge, called "Washington's Palouse.")

This flurry of paintings I'm doing on multiple challenges is part of the commitment I recently made to myself, that I would paint daily (maybe not get a painting done every day, but I will pick up a brush every day) in an effort to improve my skills. There is so much to learn, but I have found that by painting daily, I have improved not only the skill with the brush, but also in knowing & identifying colors. Also, the painters eye is becoming more keen - both when I am walking, but also when observing things around me. I no longer say just "that would make a good painting" - now it's more like "I see painting here, I see painting there, and I can make that into a painting over there." I'm rather enjoying this, but want to be careful not to burn myself out either. For now, I call it "intensive schooling" - LOL!

This painting I did this evening, in about 2 1/2 hours, for the Rookie Painter blog challenge. Loved the simplicity of this, but I did opt to go the abstract'ish route with the painting. I also introduced more color than in the original, with touches of green, blue & the purple/pink background. The one thing I did not do (and I thought alot about it) was put in a horizon line. I realize this leaves the images "floating" but I rather liked the effect of not having a distinct line. There is a subtle indication of one on the left hand side of the glass jar, but nothing going across. I may go in and separate the wall from the table surface by using a slightly different shade of the same color, so it won't be too distinct. Or, I may leave it alone - what say ye? I welcome your opinions.

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


AutumnLeaves said...

Gosh, Nancie. I really like this piece as is, but I'm certainly no expert! LOL I love the distortions to the clothespins by the bevels in the jar. A quite lovely piece and deceptively simple.

Barbara said...

There is a simplicity and purity about it, like the age of wooden clothespins and Ball Mason jars.

Angela said...

I like this alot and I don't think it needs a horizon line. I love how you did the bottom edge of the glass and your shadows are different but artsy. Enough can not be said about painting daily. It improves everything from how you see things to how you lay down paint. The end results change daily. Paint on.

SYLVIANE said...

I like the way you painted this one.I agree with you for the challenges, we improve a lot our work by having aims an dates;about Wet Canvas, I have subscribed for quite a long time, but did'nt succeed in finding how their challenge work!their site is very confuse for me.

Nancie Johnson said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I've decided to leave the painting as it is (for now), with only the hint of a horizon line. I rather like it as it is.

Sylviane - I must tell you that, at first, I found Wet Canvas a bit confusing also. But I concentrated on the areas that I most commonly work - basically the Acrylics, Floral and Landscape forums. Within each of these forums they post a monthly challenge - they can always be found at the top of the forum list of threads. For example, in Acrylics, it's called "Different Strokes." One user is moderator each month, and they post a photo (or multiples) for the challenge. Diff Strokes has a "reveal" date of the 20th of the month. This means we all work on our art but can not post it until the 20th. It takes a little bit to figure things out, but I have found a great group of artists on there who are willing to help, support and suggest. If you want further info on the site & using it, just email me direct.


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