Sunday, April 11, 2010

Virtual Paintout - Canary Islands

This is my latest, done for the virtual challenge which is visiting the Canary Islands this month. I found this view in google maps and was in awe of the view of the mountain and the wall with the flowers. I opted for a vertical crop, so the road would again lead you in. I wanted to portray a cool, sort of calming area - which I think the choice of colors helps. I am still amazed how much I can "see" wrong once I take a digital photo - it seems the camera finds things my eye doesn't. At any rate, I now consider the camera my extra set of eyes - and often say "time to see what the camera sees" as I take pictures of the work in progress.

This is another painting I have done where I went "outside the box" with my colors. We had a friend stop by the house today and commented "why is the road blue? Roads aren't blue." I had to laugh.

Acrylic on canvas, 9x12


Karen said...

This is SO pretty!! I love that you thought outside the box! That's what artists should do. I love all your artwork.

AutumnLeaves said...

Nancie, this is absolutely beautiful! A perfect landscape to my mind with all of the things I love. Old stones/bricks in the wall...trees...wildflowers...mountains. Truly a masterpiece for my two cents. I love this piece and the blue road? Someone doesn't look well at what they see. I think roads often have a blue cast to them. Just stunning work here!

Murilo S Romeiro said...

Very good landscape - I love the blue colors of the moutain.
I am a big fan of The Virtual Paintout and I am curios about other artists and their point-of-view.
Congratulations for your art.
Best regards,

Marsha Baker said...

really lovely. I am just learning to water color. I want to paint like you when I grow up some day. Great job.

Margaret Bednar said...

wow wow wow. Inspiring!


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