Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yellow Coneflower

As I further experiment with light & contrast, this single flower - with light hitting it on the left gave me some valuable insight. Using different colors on the center (what is that part of these flowers called? I don't recall), I was able to show highlights on the left with darker points on the right. The photo may show it as white highlights, but actually it is a mixed pale yellow. On the darker side, I used a deep blue to indicate the darker spots on the center, and a red-brown on the petals. Using a very light wash on the right petals, with the red-brown, gave it a bit of a shadowed look.

Backgrounds are just as important to me as the subject whenever I paint. In this case, I wanted the background to simply be there, as a background to the flower. Using a variety of greens & blues, I made it appear rather blurred - but with subtle indications of items. This way, the close-up of the flower is the main subject. I think it works rather well, and it is very different from the previous tulip painting - where the background was very busy.

Acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12


AutumnLeaves said...

Works rather well indeed, Nancie! It reminds me of when you zoom in on a camera on a certain point of interest and the background blurs out. Lovely!! Enjoyed hearing of your process with highlights and with the dark spots and am surprised to see the colors you used as they come out looking very natural (which I wouldn't have expected with the colors mentioned). This is why you are the artist and I am the student!

Nancie Johnson said...

Thank you Sherry. I believe we are all artists and all students. I am never done learning. There is just so much to learn and study. And I never use to refer to myself as an artist. I use to say "when I get good at it then I can say I'm an artist. But I think we are all artists all of the time. From when we first respond to that desire to create. I don't think there is a plateau somewhere that we have to attain to merit that label. I now believe we have that label when we begin to create. I love your chair series - I see it as a great series of art done by an artist!


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