Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Stream 1 & 2 - Both SOLD

Right now it is raining with sleet & snow mixed. This is suppose to continue all night. But the big storm, they are saying, will be Thursday and Friday. (Where is that groundhog? I bet he's hiding somewhere!) I was just talking with a cousin of mine - she was picking out seeds from the seed catalog for her garden. I guess she will be holding up on that order for a little while longer. Not that I mind winter, I find it rather refreshing, at least when it first arrives. But by February I am tired of it, and as I start to notice that the daylight is a bit longer each day, I start getting anxious for spring. Fall is my favorite season for the colors in the trees; Spring is my favorite season because it is a "start-over." Everything starts anew, and it re-energizes me. I look forward to that feeling throughout the winter.

At any rate, spring is obviously going to take a bit of a detour as we brace for the winter storm that is coming (significant snow they are saying). In honor of the storm, I am posting a pair of paintings I did a few weeks back. These were done with a very limited palette of Paynes Gray, Titanium White & Indanthrene Blue. There is a small amount of Burnt Umber in the bridge in the second painting. I was trying to get a cold, snowy look - and I think the combination from these colors achieves that.

Acrylic on canvas, 9x12


AutumnLeaves said...

I so love the winter snow paintings. Your pieces are exquisite, Nancie. I love them both (that water looks so cold!!!), but the second is beyond the pale in my estimation. I am reminded of Currier and Ives!

Nancy Goldman said...

You have really captured the sense of a very cold day. These are both really nice. In fact, I like all of your paintings.

Nancie Johnson said...

Hi Sherry & Nancy, thank you for your comments. I think the simple color palette really adds to the "cold" look in these. I had painted these over the Christmas/New Years holiday while we spent some time upstate in NY. It was soooooo cold that week -- it made it very easy to paint & depict it cause I was feeling it! Thanks again.


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