Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Spring Pop Ups

 11x14 acrylic on canvas board

Once in a while I do a painting that is unplanned. This started as a blank canvas only - no sketches, no preliminary planning, no "I have an idea" moments. Just a blank canvas, a few brushes & a few tubes of paint! I let the painting come out on it's own. It's fun to do once in while & nice to get out of the mind-crunching planning that I often have with a new painting.

Where I am living now, spring happens sloooowly and in stages. Right now there is still snow in various areas of the yard. And even though the temperatures during the day get above freezing, the snow that has been plowed or mounded during the winter are reluctant to give up. Gradually we see more and more of the ground.

Unfortunately, before we can really experience spring, we experience "mud season." This is when the ground is still frozen & firm except for the top inch or so. Step carefully for your shoe/boot will be engulfed. And you'll hear that telltale sound of suction -- I once had a sneaker pulled off by it! 

But as soft as the ground is, the bulbs wake up. And the crocus's are the first to show themselves. The pop-up in various places in the yard & I will be planting more of these lovelies in the fall. 

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